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Highway To Heaven: Thank You Dr. Shapiro

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The annual motorcycle retreat will probably be remembered most as the ride where Bob got hurt; but we need to take a moment and thank Dr. Michael Shapiro for making it a memorable weekend for all of us. Mike came and rode the 1100 miles to Canada and back with the gang and then preached to the whole congregation on Sunday. His sermon will surely be one of the most easily remembered titles, “I’m a Jew and a Clinical Psychologist so why do I need Jesus?” Mike is one of my best friends and a dear brother in Christ. He’s also an elder in the church in Athens, Georgia and loves to ride motorcycles.

Mike was our guest for the Portland church’s second annual motorcycle retreat. Last year we rode to Hell’s Canyon and back. This year we went up to ride the Crow’s Nest Highway in British Columbia. Our group has grown and 10 brothers set out together to ride from the Gorge through the high desert of eastern Washington, into British Columbia and back. Returning south across the border we were having a wonderful time and took a side road out of Chewela, Washington called the Flowery Trail Road. We rode through the trail once and were coming back the other way, back to Chewela, when Bob Bertalot ran off the road. Jamie Heidingsfelder was immediately behind Bob and stopped to find him still conscious and breathing, but badly banged up. I was last in the group and saw Jamie’s bike and stopped about a minute after the accident occurred. We called 911 and about an hour later Bob was air lifted to Sacred Heart in Spokane where he is still recovering in ICU at the time of this writing.

We’re all praying for Bob and so sad he got hurt. And we’re so thankful that Dr. Shapiro took the time to come and be with us. He concluded the retreat for the men and returned to preach in Portland while I stayed at the hospital with Bob. Mike says he’s coming back next year, so we have that to look forward to. Meanwhile, Bob is recovering and our prayers and hearts go out to his family and him.

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