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“Come to bed old man,” the voice from the other room calls with the kind of affection that only thirty one years of sleeping together can conjure. “When I finish,” he whispered hoarsely. In the old days he could read aloud or shout for hours to the whole assembly but

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Dark Alleys, Convicting Passages

You hurry through the dark streets of Jerusalem with the words of the letter still echoing in your head. Back at the house you eventually stopped interrupting your friend so much that he was able to read through the rest of the letter quickly. You still had many questions but

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The old people believed that angels came from a constantly flowing stream of fire which originated as sweat from the beasts who pulled the chariot of the Lord. In more recent times, even the topic of angels couldn’t escape politics; Pharisees  believed in them, Sadducees did not. The Hebrew word

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Your friend, the reader, pauses and clears his throat. He asks for a drink. The room is silent. Even if it weren’t you are so excited you know you hear your heart beating. Everyone is excited. This letter…these are words you’ve never heard before. The ideas are familiar but hearing

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Let’s Begin: Hebrews 1

Let’s imagine. The year is 66 A.D. (or C.E.). You are a Jewish disciple living in Jerusalem. For 103 years the Romans have occupied your homeland; in your life you’ve never known a time when Roman soldiers weren’t commonplace and now Nero’s procurator, Florus, is more onerous than any Roman

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