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The old man was known by many names. Since he became a follower of the Lord he had been known as Teacher, Shepherd, Preacher, and Reader. His children, though they were grown and had children of their own, still called him Abba, as did all of the youngest children in

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“The point of what I’m saying is…” You’re talking as persuasively as you can but you  can’t finish your sentence before Daniel shouts over you, “THE POINT OF WHAT I’M SAYING IS THIS,” he raises his knife for emphasis and lowers his voice, “the point is that they are going to kill

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A Brief Interlude Before We Can Continue

Timothy’s foggy breath trails behind his quick steps as he inhales cold, fresh, night air for the first time in weeks. Never mind that the overflowing sewers of Rome fill the air with a constant stench. Never mind that the wheeled traffic congesting the streets leaves behind a sea of

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Another Chance

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem. The old man climbed the dusty path leading to the Dung Gate. The sun now peeking from the southern point of the Mount of Olives, he was beginning to feel warm.  He couldn’t see Bethany from where he was now, but he knew that just beyond that

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Between 66 and 68 A.D. over one million Jews were slaughtered during what is called the Great Revolt. Most of them, however, died at the hands of their kin. After that heartening victory at the Roman garrison, word spread through Galilee that the Romans could be defeated and the Ka-na-im’s

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