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Singles Ministry

Edge (Younger Singles)

The EDGE ministry is our singles ministry made up of 20-somethings who are striving to live out the philosophy that Every Day God is Enough (EDGE). The EDGE ministry hosts small group bible discussions in homes throughout the Portland area. These small groups are open to anyone and everyone whether you are familiar with the bible or not. The EDGE ministry also hosts other events around town such as dinners, game nights, hiking trips, campouts, devotionals, etc. These events are posted regularly on our Facebook page at Our EDGE ministry leaders also offer personal bible studies for those who are serious about getting deeper in their faith and growing in their knowledge about the bible. Please visit the church calendar or contact us if you have any questions.

Focus (Mature Singles)

As single adults, 30 years old and older, we are all unique. Some of us are still in school, others just getting by, and some successful in the careers we have chosen. Some of us have had and lost love, some are single parents; while others are still dreaming of our future families. Whether self-proclaimed nerd, intellectual or athlete, we are all different socially, economically and physically, yet we are all bonded together by a common believe and hope – the love that comes from living a Christ-centered life. We love to eat together, party together, worship together, go to special events together, just enjoy being together. We enjoy sharing our hopes, dreams, thoughts, struggles and accomplishments together.
We call ourselves the “Focus” ministry because we want our lives to be focused on our relationship with God, each other, our friends, family, co-workers, students and the community around us. Click here for a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.
We do have our challenges, moments of weakness and doubts but our relationships with each other and God, help pull us through to have victories and growth in our lives and in our character. Please visit the church calendar or contact us if you have any questions.