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2013 NW Youth Winter Rally

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Every age, every generation needs men and women who will change the world we live in by holding onto a VISION of how things ought to be, as well as having the courage to make those VISIONS happen. Right now, here in the NW, our youth are holding onto VISIONS, some bigger and bolder than others, yet they ALL have a burning deep within to see something great happen. Our hope and prayer is that at this year’s Winter Rally at the beautiful Sunriver Resort in Bend Oregon we can provide the tools needed to give VISION to the blind, mend the near and far sighted, and encourage the youth with 2020 VISION as we do our part in turning this world upside down. May we all have the VISION to see that “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them”. (2 kings 6:16-18). Register now space is VERY limited.

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