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New Beginnings

The definition of “being in a rut” alludes to having a wheel stuck in a groove. As

a motorcyclist, I know that it can be jarring to “get out of a rut”. Sometimes our

marriages get in a rut and we continue to stay there out of fear of the jolting

impact needed to get it back on track. Whether you are newly married or have been

married for a while, if you are looking for a new start or help in your marriage, the

New Beginnings Marriage Support Group can help.

The New Beginnings Marriage Support Group meets every other Friday (see church

calendar) and is lead by Bob and Marcia Bertalot. Bob was appointed an elder/

pastor in the church in 2006 and has been working with married couples for over

25 years. Both Bob and Marcia have been certified to teach “Marriage Dynamics”

as well as “I Choose Us” (The sister program to Good Enough Parenting by John and

Karen Louis.).

Our Friday night times (get togethers) are, encouraging, confidential and

biblically based. Camaraderie among all couples is huge and the friendships that are

developed are heartfelt and real.

If you would like to visit our Friday night get together simply call or email Bob or

Marcia. Let’s build great memories and grow our Love connection with our spouse

while we live on planet Earth. Life is too short to build regrets with our promised


There can always be a new beginning!

Bob Bertalot

Marcia Bertalot

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