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Articles Series – James

Hi guys. I hope you’ll join me for a series on James. This past month I’ve been focusing on faith and following an urge to probe into the first century and try to imagine what it must have been like to be a follower of Jesus during the “50s and 60s” …the first three decades of the spiritual phenomenon known as church. We’ve all heard that history repeats itself, and whether it really does or not, as limited human beings trying to make some sense of this life we do see patterns seemingly cloning themselves over and over again through the ages. The 60s…as in 60 A.D. …do seem to parallel the wild, tumultuous 60s of my generation. In the same way, whether I’m just reading a lot into it or not, the 50s of nearly 2000 years ago seem to resemble the Eisenhower years in many ways. A time of incredible peace and unprecedented mobility, the Pax Romana assisted the church to spread in the late 40s and through the 50s to the point that at least once they were called the ones who “turned the world upside down”. I’m taking a walk through the book of Acts and the epistle of James and letting my imagination take over. Come along if you’d like.


Title Author Date Published
» Pinnacle Steve Johnson October 19, 2009
» Pharisee Steve Johnson October 23, 2009
» Joseph Steve Johnson November 1, 2009